World Thinkers & Writers Peace Meet” 27-31 December 27-31, 2015

An International Philosopher for Peace (IPPNO) Conference

will also take place in this context on December 30-31st, 2015

on the theme “Religions, Cultural Harmony, and Peace.

Registration for the Provisional World Parliament and World Peace Thinkers and Writers Meet

Conference theme: “Religions, Cultural Harmony, and Peace”


You may wish to submit a paper on this topic.

You may wish to attend the World Peace Conference without participating in the Parliament.

Guests (delegates and observers) must cover their own transportation costs to and from Kolkata. Registration cost (including room and board) for the entire World Thinkers and Writers Peace Meet, payable in advance is:

1) $400 for guests from developed countries and $250 for developing countries before September 30, 2015/ and $500/$300 after September 30.

2) Rs 5000 for guests from India and SAARC countries before September 30, 2015/ Rs 7000 after September 30.

The Registration fee should be paid by BANK DRAFT against ISISAR (International Society for Intercultural Studies and Research) or by other legitimate form of prepayment. Please also submit other particulars like NAME, ADDRESS, EMAIL, PASSPORT NUMBER, NAME OF PAPER, etc.

Registrants may, if they wish, submit a paper within the theme of “Religions, Cultural Harmony, and Peace.”

Register for the World Peace Thinkers Meet with Dr. Santi Nath Chattopadhyay,,  Uttoron, 22, S K Deb Road, 4th Bye Lane, Kolkata 70048, India.

  • Guests arrive normally on Dec.26 and leave on Jan. 1st.
  • Registration includes all room and board for this period.
  • Dec.27th: Inauguration of Peace Meet and Parliament.
  • Dec. 28th and 29th: full day Parliament and other sessions.
  • Dec. 30th and 31st morning: IPPNO sessions.
  • Dec. 31st afternoon: valedictory sessions.
  • Each evening will include symposiums or cultural programs.

Separate registration for the

Provisional World Parliament (no additional cost):

See the registration form on the page below.  You must state whether you wish to be a delegate or an observer (please see the note below), and send all information to

Dr. Glen T. Martin:         Fax: 001-540-639-4320.

313 Seventh Ave.,  Radford, VA, 24141, USA


Information Needed:

                     Full name.     Country.    Complete street address.

Phone.      Email.      Fax.      Organization.      Position.

Choose one:

Delegate____________     (or)          Observer_____________

State whether you wish to be a delegate or an observer (see below):

You may register for the Parliament as either an observer or a delegate.

Observers are not required to recognize the Constitution for the Federation of Earth as the supreme law for the Earth.  They may speak as part of the Parliament according to parliamentary rules but may not vote on legislation or resolutions.

Delegates have pledged allegiance to the Earth Constitution and may therefore vote on proposed legislation or resolutions under the authority of Article 19 of the Constitution. Both delegates and observers are welcome!

To register as a delegate, sign, and send in the Pledge:

A Pledge of Allegiance to the Federation of Earth

I pledge allegiance to the Constitution for the Federation of Earth,

       And to the Republic of free world citizens for which it stands,

 One Earth Federation, protecting by law the rich diversity of the  Earth’s citizens,

 One Earth Federation, protecting the precious ecology of our  planet.

 I pledge allegiance to the World Parliament representing all nations and peoples,

      And to the democratic processes by which it proceeds,

 One law for the Earth, with freedom and equality for all,

      One standard of justice, with a bill of rights protecting each.

 I pledge allegiance to the future generations protected by the  Earth Constitution,

 And to the unity, integrity, and beauty of humankind, living in harmony on the Earth,

 One Earth Federation, conceived in love, truth, and hope,

with peace and prosperity for all.

Signature __________________________ Date____________

Printed Name _______________________________________

Position __________________________________________

Email ____________________________________________

Complete address and country__________________________



Send to Dr. Glen T. Martin,,   313 Seventh Ave., Radford VA,  24141, USA

What are Provisional World Legislative Acts?

The Provisional World Parliament (PWP) considers proposed legislative acts (bills) and parliamentary resolutions. Any person who is signatory to the Earth Constitution may propose bills for consideration by the Parliament.

Delegates at the session of Parliament will also formulate a resolution expressing the views of that session of the PWP, to be voted on the final day of proceedings.

Those wishing to propose a bill should study the body of legislation already passed by the Parliament so as to avoid duplication. This legislation may be found at  Bills must also conform to the Earth Constitution.

Second, those wishing to propose a bill should use proper parliamentary form and drafting conventions.  Links to proper parliamentary conventions can be found at this same website.

Third, proposed legislation must be submitted at least 60 days in advance of the session for review to the Legislative Drafting Committee (by October 1, 2015). This committee is headed by Dr. Eugenia Almand:

Once the legislative proposal has passed review and met these requirements, it will be posted as soon as possible before the session of Parliament at the major websites, especially,, and


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