Executive Summary of the Earth Constitution ( Not complete list)

1. Broad functions of Earth Federation are the following

1.1 . To prevent war;

1.2. To protect universal human rights

1.3. To end poverty

1.4. To regulate international processes

1.5. To protect the environment and ecological fabric of life, that is, the biosphere

1.6. To devise solutions to world problem beyond the capacity of national governments.

2. Basic structure of Earth Federation is the following

2.1. People and nations organize as a universal federation, to include all people, all nations, and all oceans, seas and lands of Earth, including atmosphere and space.

2.2. Earth Federation is non- military and democratic with ultimate sovereignty of the people of Earth.

2.3. Powers of Earth Federation apply to problems that transcend national boundaries.

2.4 to 2.9. For world elections and administration, Earth is united into 1000 World Districts total, within +/-10% limits equal in population,  of 20 World Regions, combining to 10 Magna- Regions in 5 Continental Divisions.

3. Organs of the Earth Federation are the following:

3.1. The World Parliament

3.2. The World Executive

3.3. The world Administration

3.4 The Integrative Complex,

3.5. The World Judiciary

3.6. The Enforcement System,

3.7. The WOrld Ombudsmus

4.   THis Earth Constitution grants Earth Federation the jurisdiction and powers necessary to ensure the effective broad functions of the Earth Federation.  Earth Federation must have no military power, but may use world legislation, administration, education, finance, civil police enforcement system, world court system, ombudsmus, public defense and other regulatory powers to ensure effective enforcement of world law.

5. World Parliament composes of three legislative houses, to consider, adopt, amend and repeal World Legislation.

*People of Earth directly elect House of Peoples, with one delegate from each 1000 World Electoral and Administrative Districts.  Term of office is 5 years, with no re-election limits.  Minimum age is 21.

*Nations appoint or elect House of Nations.  Term of office is 5 years, with no re-election limits.  Minimum age is 21.


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