Observations of World Leaders & Thinkers

Some Remarks With Pictures of Distinguished Leaders:


‘….Let us know people our effort and make good on its potential. Peace is in our hands, The Culture of Peace can be ours….’ – Mr. Kofi Annan, former Secretary General, UNO.

‘….I am confident that the deliberations will be successful, meaningful and will contribute towards the common objectives….’ – Sri Viren J Shah, former Governor, West Bengal.

‘….This conference will provide an important forum to the participants to interact on the issues of World Peace….’ – Sri Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee, former Chief Minister, West Bengal.

‘….In all, it was a real triumph of organization, team work on the part of many Indian colleagues and friends and ….’ – Dr. Glen T Martin, President, IPPNO, Secretary General, WCPA, USA.

‘….While I am in full agreement with the purpose of your endeavour….I shall certainly follow the deliberations with great interest….’ – Sri Jyoti Bosu, former Chief Minister, West Bengal.

‘….Despite the history of the 20th Century being marked by two World Wars and other forms of violence…the Congress could be an occassion to discuss how human minds and attitudes can be shaped for the good to bring peace to our beautiful planet….’ – Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam, former President of India.

‘….We shall have to be alert for protection of World of Peace so that everyone can lead a peaceful life….’ – Hon’ble Justice Shyamal Kr. Sen, former Governor, Chief Justice and Chairman, Human Rights Commissions, West Bengal.

‘….I am happy to learn that International Society for Intercultural Studies and Research is organising an international Peace Conference…I wish the conference all success….’ –  Mr. M K Naranayanan, Governor of West Bengal.

‘….grass root movements to address the social and economical problems of poverty, hunger, human insecurity, economic inequity, violence, environmental pollution, etc. are essential and strategies need to be evolved to support and strengthen such movements….’ – Dr. Ashish Kr. Banerjee, former Vice Chairman, University of Calcutta.

‘….”Peace is not just the absence of conflict; peace is the creation of an environment where all can flourish regardless of race, color, creed, religion, gender, class, caste or any other social makers of difference….”‘ – Mr. Nelson Mandela, South Africa.

‘….peace is not just the mere absence of violence, but is a state of mind which depends on personal motivation and that genuine peace arises from a sense of brotherhood, of sisterhood, from a sense of respect and concern for others….’ – His Holiness The Dalai Lama.

‘….If this Peace Meet can achieve such a Thought Current, however small, the efforts of the organisers worthwhile….’ – Swami Ranganathananda, former President, Ram Krishna Math & Mission.

‘….The Secretary General appreciates your kind invitation…nevertheless, I am pleased to take this opportunity to convey his best wishes to your institution’ – For Mr. Ban Ki Moon, Secretary General, UNO, Yeocheol Yoon, P.A. to Secretary General.

Other Remarks of Distinguished Thinkers:

‘….The event is fully in keeping with UNESCO’s programme objective of promoting moral and intellectual solidarity through intercultural dialogues and peaceful co-existence….’ – For Secretary General UNESCO, Angela Melo,Director General, UNESCO.
‘….I am grateful for the opportunity to have been there and especially to have met others from India, and elsewhere, who share common ideas, ideals, hopes, and endeavours…’ – Dr. John P Clark, USA.

‘….I become more and more aware of the cultural links between India and Europe….’ – Dr. Paul Gochet, University of Liege.

‘….India….as other cultures….must contribute from her very rich spiritual treasure actively and even in an offensive to the world….consciousness of today….’ – Mr. Wilhelm Augustat, Germany.

‘….Common people are with us and we have to work with them….’ – Mr. E P Menon, Bangalore.

Remarks from Some Noted Newspapers:

‘….Peace Thinkers from different corners of the world will meet at Kolkata….to explore the paths of peace in a strife-torn world….all findings of the meet will be placed before the United Nation. A Special Volume on World Peace will also be published….’ – The Asian Age, Kolkata.

‘….Only World Govt. can bring World Peace…in a world best by the spectres of nuclear holocast, environmental disaster and violence, the only road to World Peace might be a World Government….’ – Times of India, Kolkata.

‘….A “meet for Peace Thinkers”…was not an unusual but positive’y abounding in the unexpected….’ – IPPNO Newsletter, USA.

‘…A march was organised jointly by G B Memorial Institution and International Society for Intercultural Studies & Research (ISISAR), to inaugurate the World Thinkers’ & Poets’ Peace Meet in the city (Kolkata)…the programme was part of the ISISAR Peace Model for Schools..’ – The Telegraph.

‘…Shilchar also going to Kolkata to attend Poets’ Peace Meet… poetry, essays, music, dance, etc. of creative existence of man may expand non-violent spirit with expansion of the ways for human freedom and peace….’ – Dainik Yugasankha,Shilchar, Assam.

‘…The fundamental object of ISISAR to organize Peace Movement against violence that may create peace awareness in the mind of people….’ – Sakal Bela, Kolkata.

‘…Trends and traditions – Chhou dancers at a rally on World Thinkers’ and Poets’ Peace Meet 2010 in Kolkata on monday…’ – The Stateman, Kolkata.

‘…To spread the message of peace there is the beginning of Basanta Utsav and Gramin Mela in the village Dhelatbamu, Borabajar, Purulia….India is a village centered country. But after independence villages are going to be much poorer day by day….Rabindranath, Mahatma Gandhi, introduced the model of developing village and in the same way, ISISAR is spreading the Peace Messages in Jangalmahal….’ – Dainik Statesman.

‘….More than 25 countries had participated…Papers on World Peace were presented by eminent personalities and peace activists. Besides cultural programmes, a very grand and historical peace march was also conducted. Music, Art & Poetry were given importance in spreading the message of Peace….’ – World Peace Newsletter, Nandanam, Chennai.

Received from
Raja Chakraborty
Email: bodhisatwa.rp@gmail.com

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  1. I went on a quest for GOD & Country after the debacle of a failed eschatology. In 1987 I discovered the Earth Constitution and the W.C.P.A.

    I took many courses in religion both in Bible Colleges and at a secular University (C.S.U.L.B.) I just kept taking interesting courses in religion and politics.

    I came out to CA from NY in 1978 after attending Nyack Christian Missionary College for a year. (Later I attended Southern California College which became Vanguard University) Me and a V.W. Busload of Bible enthusiasts came to CA to participate in the Jesus Movement and to study the Bible at the feet of Chuck Smith whom we had listened to and studied with through cassette taped recordings.

    I still love Jesus and I appreciate the Bible. But I have become (perhaps always was) at best heterodox at worst a heretic. I was a Protestant evangelical Christian who while studying the Early Church Fathers, who both Catholics and Protestants say they base their faith upon, found out by reading them that the Church Fathers were Catholic.

    So I’m an Evangelical Catholic Charismatic Christian. I believe in both the importance of the social gospel which liberal Churches espouse (ending war, feeding the hungry, stopping the torture, housing the homeless, fighting for social justice in peaceable ways, challenging Yahweh like Abraham and Moses at times did) and the importance of knowing Who Jesus was, is, and ever will be- which conservative Churches espouse.

    My quest began with the Bible and led me to “discover” CFE (Constitution for the Federation of Earth.) My quest began after adopting the name Scott Jefferson Starquester. (in 1985) As an orphan, I was always called Scott even though it was my middle name. Jefferson became my middle name because I am a Jeffersonian World Federalist: I believe in limited constitutional government like CFE most excellently would establish if adopted. I took the last name Starquester from Don Quijote’s song in the Musical ‘Man of LaMancha:’

    “This is my quest to follow that star,
    no matter how hopeless, no matter how far,
    To fight for the right without question or pause,
    To be willing to march into hell for a heavenly cause,
    And I know, if I’ll only be true to this glorious quest,
    that my heart will lie peaceful and calm when I’m laid to my rest,
    And the world will be better for this,
    that one man scorned and covered with scars,
    still strove with his last ounce of courage,
    To reach the unreachable star!”

    (By the way, Don Quijote was a mental person and so am I.)

    At first Scott Jefferson Starquester was just a pen name. At C.S.U.L.B. I wrote two Articles for the student News Paper (I think it was the Union) The first Article was during a Central American Issue (focusing on the U.S. covert wars in Central America) They gave space to three sides: The Conservative, the Liberal, and mine was the ‘Centrist.’ The heading of it was “The benign totalitarianism of our foreign perjury in Central America.”

    The other Article was during the Iran-Contra debacle entitled: “Roots of the Constitution unraveled” and was the first time “federnomics” was used in print. (I will explain federnomics later)

    In 1987 I wrote to the International Organizations working for world peace and justice and specifically with an interest of finding out who among them believed like me in establishing a constitutional Republic as a government for Earth. The only organization that did was the W.C.P.A. and they sent me their wonderful Constitution. I was overjoyed to receive it and study it.

    I received letters from the world famous Henry “Philip” Isely and Margaret Isely, (who I would become friends with), their Secretary Kathy Morrison Conner, Eugenia Almand, and Dr. Roger Kotila who was at that time their media person. I still have those letters. Dr. Kotila (or Roger as I would learn to call him, since the W.C.P.A. leadership emphasized using first names it seemed) met with me near my home in Long Beach at the Santa Monica bluffs.

    I was so enthusiastic I determined to become a delegate at the upcoming Third Provisional World Parliament. We met in the summer of 1987 in Miami, Florida. While there the press covered the event especially when the U.S. State Dept. denied visas to a number of peace delegates. I was also interviewed on WNWS Radio along with Roger and two other delegates. This was a conservative talk show so basically the host poo-pooed us.

    By 1989 exciting news came from the W.C.P.A. that the Government of Egypt and her leader President Mubarak had agreed to officially sponsor the next World Constituent Assembly (W.C.A.) in 1990. This would have made us world famous as a news story. Unfortunately the War in the Gulf broke out and the W.C.A. was postponed till 1991. It always seemed to me that that war was purposed to thwart the “new world order” which a worldwide ratified C.F.E. would be!

    In 1991 we met together for the 4th World Constituent Assembly in Troia, Portugal. My good friend Myron James Staffelbach sponsored me and paid my way there. He too liked what he had learned about the ‘Earth Constitution’ (as it is called now.) Myron and I were “brothers in the Lord” together, and it seemed to both of us to be the “Christian thing to do” – end the war system and create a peace system.

    In 1991 I was sent by the International Friendship League to be an N.G.O. at the U.N. with the idea of slowly bringing into the international body C.F.E. It only lasted a day because my Passport had my old name on it and my CA I.D. had ‘Starquester’ on it. The Cop at the gate at the U.N. wouldn’t let me enter the UN. He showed me my picture on Interpol with the words ‘Persona Non Gratis’ They said “we don’t know who you are!” and that was that.

    I left New York (my original hometown) losing all my important belongings including the paperwork I had acquired for my W.C.P.A. activities. I came back broken and hurting, but was overjoyed when my friend Myron greeted me at the airport. I had lived with him since Jan. 1, 1983 to start a ‘house church’ with him for Ronald Reagan had declared that year to be the ‘Year of the Bible.’

    In 1991 until 1995 I had a mental breakdown which continued until I received medical treatment and the ‘meds’ to cure manic-depression and schitzophrenia . The meds really work well. During the ’91-’95 breakdown I called ‘the torture of Starquester’ was a very unproductive time for me.

    In 1995 my friend James Arthur Kulich said that if I wanted to be his roommate I would have to go to the mental health department in Long Beach and get medicine which he said would “cure” my torture. I didn’t believe him because I thought it was all psionic in nature and a series of secret government activities and intrusions into our livingroom, through the T.V.

    But the meds worked wonders. By 1995-1999 I wrote a lot on spirituality and continued my quest, this time deciding that I had been ‘found’ by YHWH, (pronounced ‘Yahweh’) He is the God of the Bible and the God of both Christians and Jews. Meanwhile, I declared my own state to be a city-state-nation of ‘Starquestrianopolis’ and began a tradition of writing yearly “Covenants with YHWH.” I offered all my friends and family to join Starquestrianopolis. None did. But I did became the first nation to ratify CFE. And I did it with the promises in the Bible that in latter times whole nations would come to Yahweh.

    The new apartment house I moved into with Jimmy I called the ‘House of Zion.’ This was in 1995. We listened to Contemporary Christian Music and on occasion prayed together asking the Lord to come into our hearts and lives and filling us with His Holy Spirit. For a while I went to school until my cataracts made it impossible for me to see anything clearly at all.

    I cherish the many times we spent with Myron who would take us out to eat once a week. My life with Jimmy was both platonic and based on agape’ love. (Agape’ is the Christ-type love the government should have.) In 2010 Jimmy was 89 years old and I was turning 51. We moved into a Senior Living Home together with me as Jimmy’s Live-in-Aide. During the years 2010 and 2011 I wrote 150 Psalms of S.J.S. unto Yahweh.

    The Psalms of S.J.S. show the development of the Kingdom teachings of Jesus, the (Practical) Utopian
    vision of the Prophets, and the Dove-like tradition of the apostles UPON the ‘new federnomics.’ I coined the phrase federnomics to encapsulate the art and science of political engineering and development according to a World Constitution operating in a World Republic. Also the word federn applies to the Federation age that comes after the modern age.

    My friend Jimmy loved my Psalms and told me over and over again that ‘these must be published!’ His last full day on earth was Christmas day, 2012. I miss both him and our friend Myron who passed away 6 months earlier.

    I will list 23 things the Psalms of S.J.S. uphold and discuss:

    1. The love and integrity of Yahweh our God,
    2. The triune nature of the Godhead,
    3. That the government is founded upon the Messiah and His teachings,
    4. That He will become the wonderful Councelor and the ‘Prince of Peace.’
    5. That YHWH will be heralded the KING of this Federation,
    6. That CFE is a ‘gift from GOD.’
    7. That Israel is meant to be His “star fleet” nation.
    8. That Israel and the Vatican are ‘partners for Zion.’
    9. That the Millennium will be the Federation epoch.
    10. That Yahweh and His Messiah are coming at the beginning of the Millennium and at the end of it.
    11. That the Messiah – Who is the historical Jesus- is the one Moses called Shiloh who will build the Millennial Temple,
    12. That Jesus of Nazareth is a great Founder of Earth and taught the principles of Earth Federation government,
    13. That the British throne is of the House of David.
    14. That Yahweh established his nation Israel ‘in a day’ just as the prophecies said.
    15. That Arabia must become a free Union of free people if Palestine is to remain in Israel’s bosom.
    16. That according to Yahweh He will repopulate Israel according to the twelve tribes and expand her territory,
    17. That great things are ahead for Israel but the other nations shall be ‘overturned.’
    18. That the Federation of Earth is founded on LOVE – agape’ love.
    19. That God loves ALL creatures especially the animals and we shall see our pets again,
    20. That there WILL be a new heavens and a new Earth where we shall live in God’s presence forever.
    21. That our true country is that ‘city not built with human hands:’ the New Jerusalem.
    22. That besides the Humans there are the Friendlies and the Vulcans.
    23. Just as God used humanists to reestablish Israel God is using humanists to establish the government.

    Since 2012 I have lived in a Board and Care building. My income is from social security. I’ve written a number of Books but publishers want me to pay thousands for each book.

    Is there a publishing house out there who will publish me, translate, disseminate, and advertise my works?

    I believe that the religious paradigm of my Christian humanism is much more inspiring than the paradigm of the ‘secular’ humanists. While those who don’t find GOD as the basis of their paradigm find themselves believing they have emerged from the slime (evolution) and are going back to the slime (inevitable and eternal death) we people of faith have belief in GOD and His love leading us on this exciting journey through life INTO the next life where ‘all things shall be made new.’ and we shall live in Paradise forever.

    Let’s all praise Yahweh the GOD of Galaxies, founder of Worlds, designer of creatures with DNA meant to be self-replicating species upon all the inhabitable Terran Worlds!

    LONG LIVE THE FEDERATION OF EARTH GOVERNMENT. Blessings upon the World Federalists who have ‘kept the dream alive’ and are that ‘greater group’ which the Earth Federation Movement people come from.

    I’m not sure if this was appropriate but it sure is interesting. This is my first ‘twit’ on twitter.
    I can be reached at YahRules@outlook.com. If you request I can send you my emails.


    scott jefferson starquester
    evangel of YAH
    pioneer of CFE


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