For all NGO Organizations, Cities, Territories, Educational Facilities, and Other Institutions Our Global Work for a World of Justice, Peace, Freedom, and Sustainability

The Earth Federation Movement (EFM) includes a worldwide network of persons, chapters, institutions, and organizations all of whom support the study, promotion, and ratification of the Constitution for the Federation of Earth, also known as the Earth Constitution. These persons, groups, and institutions come from many cultures, religions, nations, and backgrounds. The one thing they all have in common is insight that the present world system of war and injustice must be replaced by a democratic world system based on peace, freedom, justice, and sustainability.


The Earth Constitution embodies all these values within a system that protects human rights, eliminates war, restores the environment, and guarantees equality before the law for all citizens of the Earth.  The Constitution is not just another set of ideals like the Earth Charter or the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It provides a real blueprint for governing the Earth on behalf of all its citizens equally.  It provides specific arrangements for a World Parliament, a World Judiciary, a World Ombudsmus (for protecting human rights), and a Civilian World Police Force.


The Earth Constitution is not just a draft for a possible constitution for the Earth.  It is a finished document ready for ratification under the procedures specified in Article 17.  It needs to be studied, promoted on email, Facebook, Twitter, websites, and all electronic media.  It needs to be discussed everywhere. How can we promote this document as the most practical and efficient way that we can really solve our terrible problems on planet Earth?  Perhaps first and foremost, we need to establish the World Parliament representing all peoples and nations.


The World Constitution and Parliament Association (founded in 1958 by Philip and Margaret Isely) promotes the Earth Constitution worldwide, organizes sessions of the Provisional World Parliament, and works to coordinate the Earth Federation Movement (EFM).  It has several locations around the world, with personal members in some 120 countries, and with active chapters and affiliated organizations in many countries. The World Headquarters in Radford, Virginia where WCPA President, Dr. Glen T. Martin resides.  The WCPA sponsors, first and foremost, the Earth Constitution. It works to coordinate the Earth Federation Movement of persons and organizations worldwide on behalf of the Earth Constitution and a decent future for all humankind.


Organizations joining the Earth Federation Movement will be listed on our websites.  Their leaders may become members of the WCPA International Advisory Board and have a brief bio and photo listed on our sites. Every WCPA chapter and affiliated organization must be self-financing. WCPA worldwide does not finance any activities of its membership. We ask affiliated organizations to display our logo, link to our websites and the Earth Constitution, organize events concerning the Constitution, and report on a bi-annual basis to World Headquarters about these activities. We ask that you have your membership sign the Pledge of Allegiance to the Earth Constitution. We will report your activities on our e-lists and websites.


Together we can build a decent world for all peoples and future generations.  Our work emerges from our sense of human dignity and shared values for genuine world democratic order.  It emerges from the insight that the Earth Constitution is our best hope, as both a concrete blueprint and an ideal, for creating a peaceful, sustainable, and free world system.


To join us, contact Ms. Becky Galdo, Administrative Assistant to the President, at

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