World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA) World Parliament – Peace Tower Project

There is significant interest in building a permanent home for the World Parliament in conjunction with a World Peace Tower that will become a symbol and attraction worldwide and bring attention to the associated World Parliament complex. India would be a proper place to build this complex for a variety of reasons: there is much that is happening in India directed toward world peace, justice, and sustainability. Below are some possible visual renderings of these structures.

Such a permanent home for a World Parliament under the Earth Constitution could be built and become a center from which our movement could work for ratification of the Earth Constitution and the development of provisional World Government functions (such as World Judiciary, ministries, Ombudsmus, etc.) while the ratification process continues worldwide. The center could be rented out for conventions and conferences prior to the time when the Constitution is ratified and the World Parliament assumes possession as well as financing for the Earth Federation. (Once the Earth Federation begins financing with official Earth Currency, investors could be well compensated.)

While the idea of a permanent home for the Parliament in India has been promoted by WCPA for some time, we have been joined by Sri Thumbi Murali who comes from Chennai but today is located in Singapore. He has added the vision of a World Peace Tower . Because of his passion for this project, he may be able to supply the focus for the combined project of Parliament and Peace Tower and the leadership to create a movement in India to make it happen. For Sri Murali this is a religious vision on behalf of peace. For WCPA, symbols of peace will not establish peace unless we also have a peace system under the Earth Constitution.

What is required at this stage is a movement in India, composed of leaders, business persons, financial contributors, and other prominent Indian citizens who want to make this happen. A group of such leaders could then approach Prime Minister Modi with the proposal, perhaps worked out in some detail as to location, financing, benefits for India, conditions of investment, etc.

If you would like to be listed among the supporters of this project, please send your name, email address, and a note about the nature of your interest to Thumbi Murali and to me at That way we can coordinate and individualize this particular WCPA project. Many things are beginning to happen with regard to our WCPA worldwide work. The people of Earth are beginning to look to the only serious practical alternative to the worldwide mess and now exists.

For humanity – in peace and solidarity, Glen T. Martin, President.


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