About the World Constitution and Parliament Association ( WCPA )

The WCPA is a worldwide organization working with love and dedication for planetary peace, justice, freedom, and sustainability. We are widely affiliated with human rights organizations, environmental organizations, peace organizations, and other concerned groups working for a decent future of planet Earth.

The World Constitution and Parliament Association is the organization responsible for drafting the Constitution for the Federation of Earth and for promoting its ratification by the people and nations of Earth.

We stand for worldwide environmental protection, non-violent conflict resolution, human rights protection, and the rule of just, enforceable law for all nations and peoples.

The WCPA was established in 1958 by Professor Philip Isely and his wife Margaret Isely of Denver Colorado, USA, to create a Constitution for a Federation of Earth and to promote a democratic world government under that Constitution.

It was soon joined by Dr. Terence Amerasinghe and Dr. Reinhart Ruge, who became Co-Presidents . The organization has grown into a world-wide movement since that time, with chapters today in many countries involving many thousands of citizens around the world.

  • In addition, over the years thousands of concerned world citizens have registered as delegates for Provisional World Parliaments organized by WCPA and have declared themselves as personal ratifiers of the Earth Constitution.  To date, there have been 14 sessions of the World Parliament in cities around the world.  The most recent session was held December 2014 in Kolkata, India.



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  1. Dan1 says:

    I am glad to see that this has begun. I just hope this is not a ploy of the “new world order”.


    1. rgaldowcpa says:

      This is definitely not a ploy. The Earth Constitution is a finished document ready for ratification under the procedures of Article 17. It needs to be studied, promoted, and discussed worldwide. I thank you for finding interest in WCPA and our work and to look further into our mission. Please feel free to contact me at bgaldo11@gmail.com for further details !


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